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I’ve worked in the fishing industry, I know how dangerous it is. I’ve come close to getting hurt badly myself, and I respect what you do. I’ve always had high regard for maritime personal injury victims as well as for the loved ones left behind of those who lost their lives on duty. Part of my responsibility to those involved is to help locate their family member and to secure the compensation due to them for their injuries and other damages.

Laws that govern maritime injury

The Jones Act administers the proper course of action for crews of a vessel who were injured. General maritime law, on the other hand, explains how The Jones Act is enforced for each individual case.

Another key factor concerning general maritime law is that it gives extra rights and damages to seamen who don’t fall under The Jones Act. It also provides compensation for non-seamen who endured an injury during a maritime activity. In short, maritime law covers the basics for all maritime-related accidents.

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Maritime law requires a qualified attorney

Offshore accidents are not under the same branch of laws that cover other personal injury or workers’ compensation cases. That said, not every attorney has the credentials to take on these cases. Attorneys who take on maritime injury cases must have a deep understanding of maritime law.

If you sustained an injury offshore or in a port, I have what it takes to represent you with accuracy. Give me a call today.

What you should do next

The first thing you should do upon suffering a maritime injury is to complete an accident report right away.

Your employer may ask you to sign additional paperwork, but avoid doing so until your attorney reviews it and is present with you. Taking this necessary precaution will prevent you from signing your rights away, which could include how much of a settlement you take. Another thing you want to avoid doing is having your statement recorded before you’ve been advised by legal counsel.

Also, keep in mind that the company may have an appointed doctor already available. While you are free to get checked out by this doctor, it’s in your best interest to get a second opinion from your own doctor.

Maritime Injury Attorney in Seattle, Washington

A maritime injury can be a devastating experience as it often results in serious trauma or fatality. If you’ve suffered a maritime injury or if your loved one suffered or died from a maritime injury, don't hesitate to call. I have the skills, experience, and compassion to help you get fairly compensated during this extremely difficult time. Schedule a consultation today.