Working with Brian Leonard has been a real pleasure. He was very professional in handling my law suit. Brian is very easy to talk to and he fights hard for your case. I would highly recommend him. Never having to deal with a lawyer or court before I was unsure of what to expect but he explains how insurance company's work and how the law works. He is caring about what you are going through and your law suit, which I don't believe all lawyers are. I can't say enough good things about Brian, if you need a lawyer I recommend calling him. Thank you Brian for everything I appreciate all that you have done. 


I was referred to Brian Leonard's Law Office from my sister, he worked on my sister's case and she was very satisfied with the result. Just hearing the whole process from my sister was enough for me to trust Brian and I'm very satisfied with my result as well. Brian and his staff got me through a tough time in my car accident proceedings. Brian and his staff are very professional, responsive and caring. Brian is very expedient, generous and efficient, I'll strongly recommend Brian to any of my friends or family. I'm very pleased with the outcome and how Brian and his stuff worked on my case. Thank you


Brian did me right. I don't see how we could have had a better outcome, and working with Brian is a pleasure. 


I would say five star review! I came to you guys in hopes that you'd take care of everything for me and that's exactly what you did, so thank you! I didn't have to worry about anything at all and your office certainly exceeded my expectations!

Thank you for everything! 


Lawyers aren’t going to call you every day with all the paperwork they have to do. Brian was expedient and whenever he called me, he always had detailed information. The current generation is always looking for immediate results but it takes a while for a flower to bloom and when it does everyone gets to see the benefits. Brian is one of those kinds of flowers. He has the attributes of a good eagle scout and adheres to them. Energetic. Humility. Great sense of humor. Informative. Great personality. The service was top notch. I was totally happy with the results. I have already recommended him.


Brian is very professional, and very good at getting back with his clients. He knows how to negotiate with insurance companies, to get a fair settlement. I am very happy with the service they provide, and recommend to friends and family.


I was referred to Brian Leonard’s law office from a long time friend who said they were a big help to her when she was in an auto accident... I would gladly recommend them for anyone who needed legal help. Hopefully I will never need their help again, but will have no qualms if I do.


You did a good job. I appreciate all the stuff that you’ve done. Another lawyer I had was prolonging everything, but with Brian I was actually taken care of.


Brian always contacted me and kept us in touch with what was going on. He did great! I’ll keep him for future reference.


Brian was the first attorney I contacted. He said the process could take a year or more but I didn’t believe him. He seemed to really know what he was doing. Even though communication could have been better, the service was pretty good. Brian has a lot of patience. He was willing to wait a little longer than expected on the insurance company to ensure a higher reward. In the end, I received more than I thought I would. I am very happy with the outcome, it was worth the wait. Very satisfied!


Thank you so much, the settlement was so much more than I expected. You did an amazing job. I feel so relieved that you helped me with those dreadful doctor bills. Thank you for going the extra.